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2010-03-29 18:51:19 by RandomCheese

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"Breadless" is a short film made by myself and Matt Winquist for the London Fringe 62-Hour Film Contest, where it placed 2nd out of 14. It is a romantic comedy about bread. Enjoy.

Also, here's a short review of it (along with the other winners): http://www.beatmagazine.ca/index.php?o ption=com_content&view=article&id=413:
london-fringe-62-hour-film-contest-ind ividual-reviews&catid=39:article&Itemi d=58

Rock Band -- Stewardess

2009-05-15 22:24:49 by RandomCheese

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Stewardess is my band. I am the drummer. I've posted the videos from our first live show last April on our Youtube channel, found here. We play a variety of different styles, such as metal (Hail Destroyer cover), reggae-rock (Seagull in the Engine) and straight-up rock (Mile High Club). Enjoy.

EDIT: At Matt's request, I changed the embedded video from Pilot Fell Asleep to Seagull in the Engine.

Bike Cop

2009-04-09 15:48:31 by RandomCheese

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Watch the action unfold as this (somewhat slow) bike chase ensues.

Better in stereo, but Youtube apparantly doesn't take kindly to that sort of thing.

3 Boys, 1 Bongo.

2009-03-01 18:05:14 by RandomCheese

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Link if embed fails.

We are aware that it is actually a Doumbek.


2009-01-24 22:17:10 by RandomCheese

Apparantly the embed isn't working, so here's the link to the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=atiMIYI fVAQ

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The above video was made by my good friend Emdubya, whose Newgrounds page can be found here and his Youtube page can be found here. I strongly suggest you watch his videos.

Live Action Short Film?

2008-12-08 20:48:17 by RandomCheese

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We have made another live action short film. I think you should watch it.

Toaster Ovens

2008-11-13 19:00:43 by RandomCheese

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I don't have anything else to say.

"It's just like a mini-mall!"

2008-10-07 21:45:57 by RandomCheese

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Now you may or may not have seen this, but here's a refresher. This is Flea Market Montgomery, a commercial for a store in Alabama. Not only that, but it is the GREATEST COMMERCIAL EVER.

So I decided to make a tribute to Sammy Stephens and his Flea Market by making a video that bears a striking resemblance to my Green Screen Challenge submission. Enjoy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ElKAb3-

Quick Update

2008-08-26 22:33:18 by RandomCheese

The main flash I'm working on, "Kool-Aid", isn't making too much progress, mainly because most of the voices aren't recorded yet. I should hopefully have the rest of the voices recorded tomorrow. My friend Matt (Newgrounds account Emdubya) has agreed to do the lip syncing for it, which will help me a lot and probably result in the movie to be released earlier.

I've taken a break from making "Kool-Aid" for now, because I'm working on another Madness Day submission for this year. This one, like my submissions from last year, won't be like the actual Madness videos. Instead of being action packed and boring, this one will use the Madness characters and put them into different situations. Madness Day is on September 22nd, so look for it then.

I still make more live action films on my Youtube account LonerFriends, so check those out too.

School's starting for me next week, and I have 2 video courses first semester, which means even more live-action films. All the more reason to go look at http://www.youtube.com/user/lonerfrien ds.

The movie version of "It" sucked.

Except for one scene with Seth Green. It was so corny, but it took itself so seriously. It was hilarious.

Spen out.

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Here is our latest movie, called "rap album". We recorded the music on Saturday, and filmed it/ recorded the lyrics today (Sunday). It's purposely made to sound lame, we tried to make it as white as possible.

I put the song here on Newgrounds if anyone wants it downloaded.

Don't forget our previous video, "Toast". It's also an alright movie.